Wine and fois gras

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A leisurely start with sunshine. Restarted the fir and loaded up the mixer to return to Annie’s place.

En route we called by the skip and scavenged some underground conduit which will prove useful later (a habit I get from my parents, Breezy is slowly getting the hang of it). Then on the way through Couflens we saw that the major’s car was outside his office so called by to ask a couple of questions. Apparently we can’t put a lockable gate on the bridge as the Association Forestière et Pastorale need access, when we asked about reroofing the small outbuilding in front of the barn he said to just go ahead and don’t bother with a permit. Lastly said that we had requested a phone line be installed by France Telecom.

When we got to Annie’s she wasn’t there so we had to negotiate the narrow foot bridge carrying the mixer on our own. Then up to Clive and Gizelle’s for a brew and to drop in the money we owed Gizelle for some shopping she did for us in St Girons.

Back to the barn to check the fire then we started attacking to brambles and nettles outside the front where the big wall has collapsed.

Where grey water tanks are to goWhere grey water tanks are to go  buit up wall at the frontbuit up wall at the front   Rebuilt wall at rearRebuilt wall at rear   Pipes and conduit out of the annexPipes and conduit out of the annex   Last box built into rear wallLast box built into rear wall

Finished the day with a bottle of wine and some fois gras outside the barn.

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  1. Why not put a locking gate on the bridge with a note saying that the key (for legitimate access) is available at the Mairie in Couflens? At least if stuff goes missing you’ll have a shortlist of candidates! 10th today and its still pissing down here. Looks like I might get a composting toilet before you now…see you in October.

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