Walls capped

Thats it, the cement mixer can go back. It was great of Clive to loan the mixer to us while he was on holiday. The walls are finished; the roof timbers are in place and there is a reinforced concrete ring around the top so (fingers crossed) it ‘aint going nowhere.  Next shopping trip we will pickup the rest of the timber for the roof and we can finish it at our leisure.  I think that we have all the rest of the kit we need to put a sedum roof on it.

We could have got it all done in less than a week however we decided that doing a couple of hours a day while the weather permitted was going to be a little easier on the bodies. Hauling the sand up from the other side of the bridge to make the mortar. Buckets of water for mixing , and 3 or 4 ton of rock all take quite a lot of effort. Breezy will be very happy if she never has to lift a rock again.

We have got a few “nice to do” things ticked off the list too.

Categories: Summer 2017, The Project