Nicole, Niq, Sid and Bibi’s Visit

I worked with Nicole in Meribel many moons ago now and they came and visited us two years ago on their campervan trip and decided they would like to come for another visit this year too.

Niq is the guy who had researched water pumps for his garden and gave us all the info on which pump we needed which is now installed and making life so much easier.  We were very lucky with the weather glorious sunshine every day so ideal for the kids to play by the river, trips to the waterfall, bike rides, walks up to Cirque D’Anglade and a trip to the auberge for a few aperos as well.

We almost managed to have 3 meals a day outside every day too, drinks on the helipad and lots of good food, wines and of course plenty of chatter and catch up time too.

The last time they were here the kids climbed the totem pole, this time we arranged a treasure hunt for them which ended up climbing a cable ladder to the tree house platform to retrieve their prizes. Seemed to go down well.

Great to see them all again and now they have another 4 weeks cruising around France in the camper, should be great.

Categories: Summer 2017, The Project