Tree day off

Almost a complete day of no chain saw use.  We did manage to avoid cutting any trees down but not quite a chainsaw free day.

Started in the usual fashion.  I make coffee and pour Breezy a juice, fetch stuff for breakfast and boot up the satellite broadband. Up to a couple of hours work on the old tinterweb sorting stuff for the chalet in Chamonix for the winter then a breakfast of fruit and yoghurt.

Once done then as ever there is a list of things to do and a logical order in which to attempt them. First up is more brambling followed by sorting out the last little bit behind the new wall at the front of the barn. Having built the deck there is still a little area at the end between the deck and grass slope to backfill and “do something with”. I have made a couple of stone steps and want a small rockery (apparently very big in the 80’s).  This is driven partly by my desire to grow some alpine plants but mainly by the need to get shot of some rather large rocks that I can’t lift. Finished – another tick off the list.

Next was to grout the floor tiles in the new porch. Again it is a use up of materials which in this case was insufficient leaving us with a couple of tiles still needing grout.

Later, Breezy took the strimmer and had a bracken thrashing session. We fitted a new down pipe to the gutter at the back of the barn and then the chainsaw came out to tidy up some of the pine tree sections now on the floor at the base of the tree.

Pork curry with dhal & rice for supper.

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