Next sections to fell

Exactly the same start as yesterday.

Once breakfast was out the way we got organised for the next sections of the tree to come down.


Breezy got the garden organised and sorted for winter while I scaled the tree again. I shall be glad when I don’t have to go up the tree again.  It is getting more difficult now. As the trunk gets broader it is not so easy to get the saw cuts on each side to marry up. Also, I can’t remember exactly how long the chainsaw blade is but it is not long enough to cut right through so you have to cut from every angle in towards the centre of the tree.  On the ground this is not a problem but when you are attached to the tree beneath where you are cutting (for obvious reasons) it is quite tiring and takes significantly longer.

Back to the porch, filling plasterboard joints and trimming squirty foam.

Lunch of bread cobs and pate.

In the afternoon we:

  • foraged for more brambles
  • shifted the fallen pine logs (ropes required)
  • transplanted sage and mint to near the doorway to the barn
  • collected a muck truck of donkey poo for the garden

Now the Muck truck is really sick. Struggling to get up the hill in 1st gear with very little weight in. In the evening I fired off an email to the manufacturer explaining the symptoms.

BBQ duck salad for supper.

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