Sunday Preparation

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So… it was a Sunday morning and so we did not set an alarm. Add the fact that we had early beers last night and then some gin while cooking, and lastly some wine over scrabble. Needless to say Breezy won. Life is generally easier that way.

Back to the plot; set off about ten up to the grange and started shifting slate (yes more slate) up to the back of the building. Also strimmed the remainder of tracks we will need once the materials arrive tomorrow. Still concerned that the delivery driver will refuse to drive right up to our land. Over the phone they have been making noises about only delivering to the start of the 4×4 track. If that happened we have another step in the already mammoth task of putting a new roof on. Namely transporting eight six ton truck loads of materials 1km up the track before we even get it over the bridge and up to the back of the barn.

We did sort a system out for moving stuff up using Chris’ truck on the far side of the bridge and our little trailer. Then using the muck truck on the near side with the trailer. The 4×4 only just fits over the bridge with about an inch either side so we don’t wanna do that for every load. Many thanks to my folks for the muck truck and trailer. They are worth their weight in gold.

Later Chris fettled the chainsaw. I quote “I have never… pause… I have… pause… where’s that thing gone… pause… I have never in my life… look at this… you could cut yourself on this… pause.” Anyway , it works now thanks to Chris.

Moroccan chicken tonight then a big day shifting more stuff tomorrow. All the materials and scaffolding to sort out.

Chris strimming

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  1. and what happened after sunday the 23rd????????????????
    come on, we want piccies of hard graft in the rain and the mud …
    love me

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