New Arival by Chris

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Up to and including then anyway. Well…! We all seemed to have got up this morning. There was a loud guffaw from ‘the other room’ early on, (what I meant was early, as in not near to lunchtime but not near dawn either). Anyway, we all deserved a bit of a rest, A and B had travelled across from Chamonix and C (me) had managed to spend 2 days travelling down from Wirksworth!! That deserves a blog all of its own……….. and literally that is another story!! A only wanted me to bung a cupla words in cos he wanted to have a bath. To get back to that guff aw (alas more tea vicar) it was the other picture on the wall and not what you may or may not have been thinking. I will actually reach the point…….. it may take a few paragraphs and I DO have to keep you all interesting! Pierre……. now he can speak good English but I will not go into that, suffice to say that his English is as good as my French J . I thought he was looking like he didn’t finish after we had all gone home last night, but he did look as if he was on a mission this morning after we had breakfasted, pardon et moi, petit dejeuner. And Monsieur Adam, well……. he told me all sorts about all sorts and we’re not talking liquorice. The Bar, I had been told about the bar and it does have draught beer, but not for too long, so if you want it you had better get over here and help because if you don’t Daniella and Freddie will be serving you bottles instead. Im getting there, OK! So apart from telling us that the barn was just off the beaten track, it was/is A & B didn’t say that le bear/mayor doesn’t like you going up his’beaten track’!! Well, by god I wouldn’t either (anyway I have just got to tell you about this Peurto Rican guy who I just met, He has this thing about Hampsters!!………I’m not going to say anything else other than the fact he was wearing a Kilt to The Bar). Je suis arrive dans la propertie au A & B al la compagne au Salau……………. perfait ce tre bein, wonder bra, coool, lubbly jubbly……… Wow, location, location, location……… need a bit more of the weather, weather, weather tho! rained in the pm and put a bit of a halt to the works but, guess what?? yeah, you got it we go to the bar……… what a life………. don’t tell A & B I’m moving out here J OK lets get serious, I’m not really going to move out, I just found out the Bar doesn’t open in the winter…….TBV/ totally bad value, what! So to work. There is one helluva lot of it to do, and guess what it all involves handballing (for those of you not familiar with the expression it has got absolutely nothing to do with drinking beer or playing with ‘les Ballons’) basically it means hard graft and carrying stuff up to the house in ya andy pandies!

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