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New steps between terraces

Having converted a barn and made it habitable one would hope to be able to put one’s feet up and relax a bit. Maybe read a few novels, or even write one. However, stuff starts to rot, slates slip, fences go slack, etc. This is compounded when most of the building materials have been recycled or repurposed. Then there is the other “stuff” which has been salvaged over the winter which needs some fettling. Finally there is the new sign for the Naughty Corner which Patrick made us in Chamonix. The Naughty Corner is the little shack which we lived in for the early years. Thanks Patrick.

The list included:-

  • Removing the rotten steps between the front terraces. The originals were salvaged from the tip in Les Houches with our great friend Keith some 10 years ago. The “new” ones were salvaged from a friend of Patrick’s in Vaudagne near Chamonix. A bit wider and substantially more stable.
  • Renovating a garden table salvaged from Chamonix over the winter.
  • Fixing the helideck – decking planks lifting needed fixing down.
  • Tensioning fencing.
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