Papa Breese

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Breezy’s Dad hasn’t been to the barn for a couple of years and quite a lot has changed in that time.

We collected him from Carcasonne airport and had 3 nights at the barn. Then drove over to Cassis for a couple of nights en route to Grimaud to meet up with other Breese family members at a Villa to celebrate Iain’s 80th Birthday. It was actually the year before but was cancelled due to travel restrictions.

Time at the barn was playing games, catching up and relaxing. Cassis was being tourists, eating sea food and drinking local wines. Grinaud was family time. Playing tennis, swimming in the pool and playing games. Not to mention the drinking and eating. Drinking magnums does reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries from pulling corks.

All in all there was a huge amount of laughter and banter; and it was great fun. Now for the detox.

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