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Still alive after eating puffball! Blue sky morning so Breezy and I decided to get up, get our arses into gear and get stuff done up at the grange. Breezy started off by painting the ironwork of the bridge with hammerite while I got the strimmer out and tackled the nettles and brambles at the front of the barn. Salvaged a load of big rocks from under the nettles and started reinstating the wall at the front of the barn until I trapped my left hand under a huge rock. That will learn me.

The bridge is now green and looks loads better; hopefully it will last loads longer too.

After lunch we tackled clearing the old timber from the roof from around the building. Piled up the rotten wood and boards to burn and got the chainsaw out to log up the decent wood. Quit the barn about three to get into St Girons for a few errands.

First port of call was France Telecom to try and get a phone line into the barn. They were really helpful and filled in a web form there and then. Hopefully we will hear from them before we leave to arrange a visit and sort out a devis (quote). We have found out that the nearest place with a phone line is about 500m down the valley and a friend had a line put in over 600m and the bill was 90€. That was a couple of years ago but we live in hope. Apparently if we had a bill for services at the property over a three year period then the commune is obliged to give us a CU (certificate of urbanisation) which means that we can legally live there.

Next stop some DIY stuff then a bit of shopping and lastly internet in the car park of a hotel where we can jump on their wifi. Back at the gite before eight; a bite to eat and bed.

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