Refugees from the cold

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It had rained most of the night and the snow level was down to 1200m and it was a tad chilly!!! We had brekky and plenty of hot drinks before Clive turned up to solder the gutters for the out building.

Al and Clive set too while I trundled to the Auberge to do some internet work.


By the time I got back it was snowing and getting colder again. Clive and Al had finished the gutters and Clive headed home while we had a thick soup for lunch in an attempt to warm up!!! We did a little bit of sorting inside after lunch before abandoning work and heading to Daniella’s and Freddy’s to sit by the fire and play cards for the afternoon, felt like refugees!!!

By now the snow was still coming down and Alison and Peter had sent us a text saying come for drinks and dinner and stay the night if it was too cold at the barn. I needed no thought about this, YES to all the above!!! Laughing

The adventure then began as we went to get some food from the barn and wine; we tried in vain to reach the barn but we got stuck on the piste and spent the next 30 minutes trying to get out. Al did a cracking job at getting us out and then reversed the whole way back to the end of the piste before we returned to Alison and Peters for the night. We had a delicious meal, plenty of wine and a warm bed. BLISS!!! Thank you both for a great hotel!!!

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