Odd Jobs

A much warmer night’s sleep and we did not want to get out of bed.

As we had an open bag of cement we got the mixer going again and used it up, concrete around the door to the outhouse, around the vent pipe for the toilet and around one of the windows in the outhouse. We used the last little bit to secure the hot box into the ground so it will not go walk about!!! Cleaned up the mixer and tools; fitted a new door bolt on the annex; got the hot box installed and working; re did the joints on the vent pipe; fixed the leak in the main barn roof; packed the trailer away; cleaned out the Toyota and loaded the mixer up to take back to Annie’s house.

  Hot BoxHot Box

After a sandwich lunch we started fixing brackets to a beach tree as the start of a platform before heading down the valley to return the mixer. Annie was in and we had a cuppa before returning to the barn in the dark. Lardons and pasta cooked indoors followed by a game of cards before bed.

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