Rain dodging

Another less than satisfactory day as far as solar charging goes. We seemed to spend most of the day dodging the showers to get some of the “outdoor list” ticked off.  Bits of garden sorting; pulling out the beans and courgette plants for the compost. Pulling in bits of garden furniture etc.

As the showers were fairly regular we managed to keep the fire in. Lit first thing it kept burning all day so even though the solar shower bags were redundant we always had a pan of water on the wood stove.

Indoors we got packing sorted out and odd bits of cleaning and storing as well as stock lists of food stuff etc.

Late afternoon we managed to get out for a forage. Pasta tonight os had a search for some shooms. Came back with 3 birch boletes and a handful of hedgehog fungus; lovely!

Oil lamp scrabble; pasta supper with chorizo, sundried tomato, onion, garlic, lardons and wild mushrooms followed by an episode of All Creatures Great and Small.

Categories: Summer 2013, The Project