Passing shots

The last day started as any other; coffee, internet, breakfast and a list. The sun finally made an appearance and what a lovely change that is. Batteries are charging both the barns and ours.

The list is all the little things to do with shutting the place down for winter along with the logical order in which to tackle them. We did get time to mend the big parasol which broke in the wind when Alison and Peter were here. We also made time for a short forage to top up the mushroom omelette with some wild ones.

Now everything is either disconnected or packed away. Vinnie the van is on the side of the piste facing downhill and loaded with stuff for Chamonix and the UK. Another oil lamp evening and early to bed and early to rise and hit the road.

Time for a cuppa tea me thinks.

Categories: Summer 2013, The Project