Muck truck feeling better

A drizzly morning so I lit the fire.

It is the time of year when the amount of sunlight, when it comes out, is limited.  At the same time, one priority is to leave the batteries in the best condition we possibly can.  Both at a time when our internet usage is at its most due to sorting out enquiries and websites for Ski Breezy so that we have work in Chamonix in the winter.  So it is generator time; the inverter is unplugged and instead the building is plugged into the generator to charge computers and fire up the internet.  Not very eco-friendly but needs must.

On a brighter note, I had a response from Muck Truck. Given the symptoms they have suggested that the issue is the air filter. Another mail and I have the part number. As the nearest Honda Centre is nowhere near the barn and we do rely on the old Truck I took the filter off and gently attacked it with an old tooth-brush. Hey presto, the symptoms are relieved and we have an operational vehicle again.

I must say that Muck Truck are fantastic and so so helpful. Also that it is well worth keeping old toothbrushes, you never know when they will come in handy.

Due to the wet weather we sanded the walls in bedroom two and applied a coat of paint. A lovely olive green colour (not that it says that on the tin).

Simple lunch of left over Thai curry & pita bread before the rain eased enough to get back up the pine tree. Distance between tree and building = 9m. Height of tree = 7m. No need to cut owt more off so salvaged the kit and chopped some more wood for the fire.

Finished the afternoon with some wiring while Breezy used up some materials and put up some more plasterboard.

Following the theme of leaving the batteries in as good a condition as possible we had an evening by oil lamp.

Roast chicken with fresh beans from the garden and Marmite roast potatoes. Served with enough gravy to feed the chase.

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