Well after a glorious August with sunshine nearly every day a bit of a shock to have so much rain overnight but good for the garden and water butts are now full.

A leisurely start 2 skype calls with Rodders and Scotty plus some internet Ski Breezy stuff and Al busy working on getting Clive’s website up and running too.

We decided to finish the wine drawer cupboard which was fairly quick and easy just a matter of sorting some edges for the shelves and attaching some corks for the handles and job is a good one!

Then it was marking up time for cutting the work surface to accommodate the sink we have bought. We got it all marked up before having lunch. Curried courgette soup which was ideal for a chilly, wet day! Another use up of the courgette mountain and we only have one courgette plant!

Al cut the work surface and all looked good apart from the fact that the brackets we were given with the sink to attach it to the work surface are either for 30mm or 40mm depth and we have 25mm depth. Going to be a faff so will wait to see if we can get something suitable on Saturday to make it work. It looks good though.



A quick cut of the “cut out” to fit on the wine box cupboard and a coat of oil on the sides before brambles to collect, showers to have in between the rain showers and washing up to be done. Fire is on and lamb for supper tonight with Marmite potatoes and salad. Rain forecast again tomorrow but then looking like fine weather again hoorah!

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