Colonial up

Last nights chicken was great, definitely have that again. So:

  • Butterfly two chicken breasts
  • Mix together:
    • desert spoon of olive oil
    • 3 desert spoons of sheep’s yoghurt (or Greek)
    • 2 desert spoons of lime juice
    • 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon
    • few grinds of black pepper
  • slap it all in a plastic zip lock bags and maul it about
  • refrigerate for 30mins to 2hrs
  • BBQ

Today started overcast so Breezy was out the door with a strimmer before breakfast to finish off the bracken. Meanwhile I sorted breakfast and made myself useful around the house (drank coffee).

After breakfast we booted up the old satellite internet and worked through to about 11am.

Started outside with a few odd jobs like varnishing the inside of shutters before tackling the issue of a dirty great stove lurking in the back of the van. Initially we thought that we would need to borrow one of those tracked transporter things off the Mayor to get it up to the barn. Then maybe get Anouk et René to give us a hand to get it in the door. Or we knew that Olivier (donkey man) was arriving later with some journalists and maybe he would help.

However, once I had taken the doors off and the grate out Breezy and I managed to get it onto the mucktruck and slowly eased it up the field and onto the deck for some titivating.

Once all blacked up and shiny, Olivier came and waved, then went, so Breezy and I then inched it into the barn.

Bit of weeding, pruning, playing with mortar and cracks in the outside wall; then showers, blackberry picking, food prep and back on the internet.

Veal tonight!