Pointing starts again

After another internet session for Ski Breezy stuff I got a mix of lime mortar going for Breezy to start pointing up the last remaining wall around the new window. I then started to fettle the other wood burning stove to go on the top floor. It has a rather alarming gap in one of the seams but I think that we can plug it with heat resistant silicon.

Another wheelbarrow full of mortar mixed and I joined Breezy shoving goo in the wall.

After lunch we teamed up to clean the edges of the wooden floor upstairs where the plastic did not reach the walls before brushing back the pointing downstairs. At 4pm the mortar was still not quite dry enough to brush off so we went foraging for brambles.

Eventually finished brushing off the mortar at 7pm. Think that we should do 2 mixes first thing in future and then do internet so that we don’t end up working that late again.

Shower and gather all the things together for shopping day down the valley tomorrow.

Categories: Summer 2012, The Project