Pic des Trois Seigneurs et Etang D’Arbu

An early start as we had a walk planned for today…

Main criteria was no more than 700m vertical, start high, good views and some water to flop in.

I managed to look at the maps and come up with a plan near Massat just over an hours drive away. Stunning drive over via beautiful cols to our start point of Port de lers at 1517m.

We had a steep climb up for 40 mins to reach the ridge line and then it was gorgeous ridge walk with some very easy scrambling up to the summit. Amazing views and luckily some wind too. It was 40 odd degrees.

We had a lovely picnic at the top, and pieced together the sky line to our barn and beyond which was fun. We are gradually beginning to get to know this part of the world.

We had a steepish descent with some scrambling best not done in wet weather! To the lake. Thought about a dip here but carried on down.

By the time we reached a small river about 30 mins from Billy, I was in it. It was so hot it was crazy and no wind. Straight under, even Al got his feet wet too!!

We then had 30 mins give or take on a small path back to the col.

A really fun loop which I know we will be doing again before too long.


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