Running Repairs

Time is just zooming by. We agreed before we got down to the barn that we would not be going hammer and tongs this year. We wanted to get the barn finished but not on a mission. Having said that we seem to be cracking on at our usual pace and not getting much chill time. This is not all bad as we should have the bedrooms finished before guests arrive.

So Saturday was spent getting a lot of the damage from snowfall a couple of years ago fixed. The outbuilding chimney is back up as is the vent pipe and fan for the composting toilet. In the afternoon we built frames for the partition walls downstairs and fixed up how the area under the stairs was going to transform into a wardrobe. In the evening we went down to the village for a drink with Rene and Anouk at the Auberge. A cheeky glass of rose and a meal before heading to bed with an alarm.

Sunday was a bit of a continuation of the previous afternoon using up all the random noggins of plasterboard we could find to build the bedroom walls and fix in a reclaimed window to gain more light from the stairwell into the green bedroom. Supper was spice crust salmon fillets with a sweet corn salsa. Though palatable neither of us would be desperate to have it again so you will not see it on the menu at the chalet.

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