Rainy Day….

Although the forecast was OK for the day, it was wrong after internet and cake baking it rained on and off all day…..so inside work it was.

Donkeys have decided they prefer this side of the the fence to the other so Al fettled some fencing around the veggies and fruit bushes so they don’t get scoffed by them!!!!

We set too with sanding the porch, then giving it a coat of paint before grouting the final few tiles, looks good. One more coat of paint and all done I think!!!! May need to sort the wood frame out in due course with some colour but not urgent.

We had very simple butties for lunch and then attacked the packing. Sorted out the bathroom so we don’t leave anything we need here. Bag for UK, bag for Cham and stuff to say. All went by very quickly.

Off down the hill just as the storm really hit and we got soaked with a cake for Adam’s 75th birthday in the village and a bottle of Pastis for him too. We had a quick drink and chat with him, Reagan and another friend Paris before heading back to the barn.

Fire on, dry out and Al cooked a lovely Thai chicken for dinner a bit of R&R watching a DVD and then bed early.

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