More wood chopping

Saturday morning and no alarm. Wall to wall blue sky and not too windy so after a short internet session we gathered tools and started coppicing.

Worked all morning and then another hour after a late lunch. Now we are starting to see the impact as the area outside the entrance to the main barn is opening up. At first yesterdays fire was sluggish in relighting until Breezy tore up a cardboard box and fed the pieces into the ash.

The log store is starting to look healthy again too.

I had just started to reseal the stove in the outbuilding when Anouk and Rene came by for a cup of tea having mountain biked over Port D’Aula, into Spain and back via Port de Salau.

Finished the stove, showers and a tidy up before heading down into the village to pick up Rene & Anouk and head into St Girons for supper at Olivier’s (donkey man). Great food and company and a lot of French which is good for us.

Back at the barn at 1 o’clock in the morning. Good job we remembered a tourch.

Some random pictures from the last few days for you.

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