Missing Piece

Another glorious day but the fire now goes on every morning to take the chill out of the place, no shortage of wood so not a worry about that.

A little bit of internet, Ski Breezy work always on the go…. before starting work with fitting the wood burner. We managed to get the framework for the steel plate made a bit ago but we still wanted to face it. So Al set too measuring and cutting whilst I got the scaff ready and created space for the wood burner. It is going to be a tight fit but should work!

The stove is so heavy and my back was not feeling great so Al made a quick trolley we could put the stove on and wheel it over to it’s new location. We got it all level and looks like it will fit in well in it’s new spot.

Sadly when we came to getting all the bits and pieces together looks like we have one wrong piece of tubing which does not fit so sadly no more progress till we exchange that. Al is planning a speedy trip to St G tomorrow morning and all being well will be back with the right piece and we can get it installed, we will see.

A lovely smoked salmon salad in the sun and a quick forage before afternoon work. Successful the birch bolettes seem to be appearing and so had a couple to make a starter with tonight and a good load of brambles for brekky. We like free food!

Then we attacked another couple of clumps for coppicing, all went quite speedily and looks good, but it just takes time. We are seriously thinking about some Help Ex folk next year for a couple of weeks coppicing so it is on the list to look into.

Al got rid of some weeds/berries at the back which seem to be taking over and the donkeys don’t seem to like and I attached the final outdoor shutter attachment which keeps the shutters held back rather than flapping around.

Quick showers as sadly the shower  bag has ripped and is making showering a dodgy experience, another attempt of glue tomorrow before we have to revert to bucket washes!!!

Al was chef tonight so we had a delicious starter wild mushrooms on a croute followed by roast chicken, marmite potatoes always a winner and roasted cabbage fresh from the garden which really worked well and was delicious.

An episode of Spooks and an early night.



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