More stove fettling

Another morning with no alarm, I could get used to this. I think that we shall be back to the normal wake up calls on Monday though. We still have a long list of things we want to get done.

Speedy breakfast and straight onto the computers again. Breezy took a booking and sorted out more enquiries for the winter chalet in Chamonix. I updated the blog and sorted a few things on Clive’s website.

Before we had finished Alison and Peter called in for coffee. It was the first time Alison had been up this year so the changes were quite impressive. Managed to get Peter to give me a hand to get the cast iron fire plate out of the van and onto the mucktruck. This is the fire plate we salvaged from Clive to go under the Godin Colonial stove. It has been outside his house for several years so needed a good clean up. After an hour or so with a hammer, screwdriver and a wire brush and Breezy had it ready to paint. The paint only just stretched and even then we had to thin it out but I think it will be perfect (as long as the floor holds the weight).

Made a sub frame and used floorboards to make a frame for the outside. All that is left is to get it in place and connect a chimney to it (which will have to wait until next year now).

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