Heavens Opened

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 First off, rekindle the fire to burn more waste wood. With about half a dozen bags of cement left over and a load of ballast we searched for places to use it. Having dug stones out of the inside wall under the gable end window we cemented in a slab of slate as a step up to make access easier. Then we started rebuilding the walls behind the barn using up some of the concrete to make them more stable. More rain off and on through the day prompted odd breaks. Louis came to visit about 3pm and scared both of us as we didn’t hear him approach over the noise of the cement mixer. Finally the heavens really opened promoted a manic half hour of activity to use the mix, pack away and return to the gite soaked to the skin and cold.

Annie showed up at 5pm for a showed, a drink and a meal to help us finish off random food before we depart.

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