Getting organised


The variety of activities at the barn over the last few days has been great. One evening we had an amazing light show with an electrical storm over Spain lighting up the night sky. This was preceded by huge hail stones punching holes in the rhubarb and other veg.

We got out for a walk up to Port de Salau in glorious sunshine and collected a mass of wild strawberries on the way back. Enough for dessert and also breakfast the next day.

In an effort go get a little fitter we have established a round of 6 exercises which we do each evening before showering on the front terrace. Enrolement is still open if anyone fancies joining in.

Then there is the normal shopping down the valley, composting, cutting back bracken in the meadow, strimming and fixing odd little things and sorting odd jobs. We have also managed to catch up with Rene and Anouk for coffee a couple of times as we have passed the Auberge.

In the pantry the worktops are stained and one side is mainly in place. Just some electrics to sort out and fixing the last worktop in place.  We did find that in going through cupboards we have 7 litres of gin.  Any gin drinkers are welcome, lets see how much is left when Scotty and family leave next week.

We have also started to clen up a huge boulder by the barn. Stevie always had his eye on it for climbing and we think of him looads when we are here so work has started clearing the moss and lichen off. Think we will bolt up the top and hopefully get it all finished for his anniversary.

Next up:

  • More electrics
  • Another set of cupboards in the pantry
  • Collecting rocks for building a new wall out the front (about 10 ton should do it)
  • Foraging (mushrooms are late this year)
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