Bridge to start – booze to finish

Decided to make a prompt start with the intention of finishing the bridge access. So a full on morning, with the end result being access for vehicles…BRILLIANT!!!

We had also partly finished repairing the main window shutter, so Al scuttled up a ladder to tackle the final parts so that we are now secure. Another big tick.

Pierre had offered his 4WD to shift the slate pile from the grange 400m down the road. Joel the previous owner and Pierre knew we were looking for more slate so had asked him and he said it is all yours. So now we are pretty sure that we have enough reclaimed for the front of the Bergerie.

Annie turned up mid way through so we managed to get ¾ of the pile moved before Pierre was in need of beer! He has kindly said he will come back tomorrow to get the last lot with us, which is fantastic, makes life a great deal easier with his 4WD.

Day of wildlife too, while having lunch Al spied a fox next to the Bergerie a lot bigger than in the UK. Then as we were wandering to pick up the slates we saw Roe Deer. The Stag’s call is like a dog barking and rather scary too!!  The Female Roe deer was beautiful and so graceful bounding into the forest.

The rain finally arrived so we packed up for the day and headed down to warm up.



We also decided that we would drink the Magnum of Champers that Henry (my big bro) had given me for a special occasion. We were going to save it for when the roof goes on but can’t wait that long so we thought that finishing the bridge was a very good excuse. Thanks H, we are just about to clean up and then pop the cork so thinking of you!!!

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