Annie Visits

Another glorious day not a cloud in the sky.

We had the usual Ski Breezy to tackle first off then it was on to odd jobs.

Securely fit the last window in the out building….now done, sort out the wood pile at the top so the donkeys don’t trash it and it is snow tight for the winter for the wood to season….now done, make holders in wooden tree stumps for the pressie Al’s folks gave us to hold a bottle of wine and 4 glasses….now done, change the solar panels around so we have more input going into the outbuilding so we hope to have battery at 100% by the time we leave. Day light hours now getting shorter and battery not getting charged to it’s potential….now done.

Time for lunch, yummy chicken salad in the sun.

Al was keen for another forage, we had just started when Annie turned up so a good excuse for a catch up in the sun and a quick tour around the progress at the barn. Take 2 we headed off again to new areas and came back with a good supply of mushies and plenty of brambles for a tart as well as enough for brekky too.

Hot showers, fire on, and a hot salad on the agenda for supps.

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