A very social day

Woke up in the clouds again and wondered if we ought to get in touch with Lee and give hime the option of postponing lunch. He is suposed to bring the family up to us for a BBQ but it is such a shame the sun wont be out.

The day has developed a little routine in the mornings now. I get up and put the kettle on then climb back into bed until it boils. One advantage of a whistling kettle on a gas stove is that it takes it’s time to boil. Once boiled I get up and make coffee. The disadvantage of a whistling kettle is it does not turn itself off.

The usual internet session, I sorted out the blog and the website stuff for Ski Breezy and Breezy responds to enquiries etc. There is always a mounting amount of work to do on the internet and not enough time to fit everything in. As with everything, the only way is to prioritise.

Breakfast and then food preparation. Pick salad and wash, make dips, marinate meat, make bean salad, make potato salad, stock the fridge, sort out chairs etc etc.

All ready for 11am so Breezy jumped in a shower while I pottered on with a few tiny jobs about the place.

BBQ lunchHad a great lunch and afternoon with Lee, Suzy, Ruby and Jasper. Caught up Lee’s news, got to know Suzy and her kids better, climbed the tree and had a little forage for mushrooms. They left us with a bag full of Pied de Mouton mushrooms which I think will appear in a curry later in the week, thank you!

Snack supperHad time to clear up and have a hand of Bezique (Breezy won with a double Bezique) before heading down to valley for an appero with Patrick in Couflens. Three or four people we knew and just as many that we did not so had a couple of glasses of wine and slowly we are getting to know more locals. Had a tour of the house and a glimpse of the garden (350m of stream frontage) before heading back to the barn for a snack supper and a glass of fizz.

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