A quiet day at home

The morning was spent creating levels for the terrace between the building and the new front wall. Making sure that we had a slight slope on it and creating supports for a beam accross the middle. The supports are in the form of stone and mortar piers which have a length of studding (threaded bar) cemented into the top so that we can bolt the beam in place once the mortar had gone off.

Piss PotAfter a lunch of mushrooms on toast (courtesy of Lee), we set about fitting the new piss pot in the bathroom and plumbing it in. It was a little bit of a fiddle as none of the joints were exactly the “easy slide on” variety. Not that I would know the French for “easy slide on”. Infact the joints were salvaged from a garage clearout in Chamonix on the winter.

Once fitted Breezy sloshed a bucket of water down it to make sure it was all sealed.

A turn around the garden produced a handful of French beans to accompany supper. My turn to cook so prok curry with the remaining Pied Mouton mushrooms which Lee brought over yesterday.

Finished the day with a Planet Earth DVD on “The Great Plains”, amazing stuff.

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