34 mixes of mortar

Again the alarm went off at 0645 and again the kettle went on for my coffee (after the snooze button got hit a couple of times). Internet, then breakfast and then preparation for Clive getting here. Water containers filled, generator out & filled, power cables sorted, tarpauline removed etc etc.

Just taken a moment to sit down and Clive arrives, then its all go. I’m mixing mortar and sending it down the shoot to the wall. Breezy is fettling rocks and Clive is arranging both the mortar and the rocks to make a wall.

Progress at lunchtime.

Clive went off for lunch and to pick up some scafolding and Breezy and I had leftover sausage, pate and salad.

The afternoon was much the same as the morning though a little cooler. By 6pm we had all washed up and tools away. Over a metre of height gained after 34 mixes of mortar.

Pea risotto starter then lamb and fresh french beans from the garden for supper.

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