Another early start, sand up the hill, water containers and butts filled, tarp off wall, equipment all out, scaff unloaded and then brekky at 8am. Quick internet and start all over again!

Another hot day. We got the scaff up to make life easier for Clive. We got rid of the big shoot and now progressed on to a shorter tin sheet as the wall gets higher. We are now on to rocks from the back terrace for re building the wall.

So Al mixes, Clive builds and I move rocks from A-B, pass buckets of rocks to Clive and fill water which we go through at  a rate of knots and the water butts are now nearly empty….we need a storm or it is trips to the river from tomorrow onwards.

Lunchtime, and progress is huge.

Smoked salmon salad for lunch and then Al and I got more sand up the hill, re filled water butts and containers and got rocks in place ready for Clive returning. I also zoomed down to the village to fill up with drinking water as we are out and also to get rid of rubbish which is now whiffing and recycling.

After lunch the boys set too digging the return wall down to foundation level. Al drilled holes in rocks for the reinforcement bar to go in and Clive bound bars together. Then we were off again, mixing, moving rocks and at 6pm ENOUGH!!!! Rose and beer on the terrace to end the day!

We are running out of cement so Al is going to do a run in the am for more to St G. Forecast is not good so we will do an afternoon of work and if it is raining we will have the whole day off and wait for the sun to shine on Thursday.

Clive seems pleased with progress and thinks 3 more days will see us done hoorah!

BBQ in the rainNeither Al and I felt like the lamb last night after the risotto so we had lamb tonight with yummy veggies, green beans (from the garden) with mushies and garlic and pinenuts, steamed mange toute (also from the garden)  and leeks a la greque with BBQ lamb. All really delicious. The heavens opened so our rain dance worked and the empty water butts are now full. Fantastic electrical storm to watch with all colours in the sky and amazing fork lightening.

A quick episode of All Creatures Great and Small to relax to. Al went for his final fag for the night and I was asleep before he got back upstairs!

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