26e Pujada

We have wanted to do the Pujada for ages. Last year it rained so we decided that DIY was a safer option. Essentially the Pujada is the day when the Catalan people come up to the Port de Salau from their side and the Ariegoise come up from their side. They all say hello, exchange a few presents, share some wine and cheese, play music and dance, then trundle back down into their respective countries.

When we woke up the cloud was down though the forecast was good. Kettle went on for my coffee and the oven went on for the cobs and Breezy to bake a cake. We made a packed lunch, had breakfast and headed off at about 9am up the valley.

When we go up to the col there must have been a couple of hundred people. We were just in time for the welcome speeches at 1130 after which we settled into our picnic and watched as everyone started sharing the wine and cheese etc etc.

Got back to the barn about 330pm and set about preparation for walling tomorrow plus checking out the veggie situation in the garden.

Home produceHaving collected beans, mangetout and red currants we took a bottle and headed down to the river for a glass of fizz in the last of the sun.

Think that omelette and salad is on the cards for this evening as neither of us is very hungry.

Drink by the river 2

Drink by the river 1

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