Small jobs Sunday

The forecast was for sun but the day started overcast. The filler in the plasterboard joints is not yet dry enough to sand to we went for a forage up the side of the waterfall opposite the barn. Armed with a pocket knife each, a net for carrying mushrooms, a bag for fruit and some water (to drink); we set off.

It is very steep and somewhat slippery. The path is indistinct and mainly used by the hunters. Having worked out way up to the tree line we found no mushies but did come back with a bag of myrtilles for breakfast tomorrow.

We did manage to capture a fantastic butterfly on camera though and later identified it as a Scarce Copper.

Once back at the barn we set about a long list of small jobs before shopping tomorrow and visitors later in the week.

  • cleaning stickers off windows
  • rubbing down stools for painting
  • taking the wheel off the mucktruck to get it reinflated
  • weeding
  • sweeping the chimney in the outhouse
  • trailer down to the van for getting sand
  • clean the floor in the outhouse
  • menu plan for the week
  • label up power tool cases
  • fit an inverter to the main barn battery for 240v AC
  • oh, and sand some plasterboard joints

All in all a busy day. Pasta tonight as the cupboard is bare.

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