Shifting stuff about again

We were planning to get down to St Girons today to the market and get internet and washing done. The transhumance started at Seix at 6am and essentially meant that 2000 sheep and an assortment of ramblers would be walking up the narrow road to Salau to arrive about 9am. Not a great day to go down the valley?

We also came to the conclusion that we needed to find more slate before continuing with the roof. If we were to go on through the sizes and then found some larger ones we would not be able to use them.

First off we explored the other two derelict granges just down stream. Then we walked down to Françoise’s grange where we found a stash when we did the big roof. Lo and behold there was another big stash. We had to wait until the transhumance passed our place before driving down to the village to get permission to snaffle the slate.

In the meantime we shifted wood from the bridge up to the barn using the mucktruck and trailer.

Once the transhumance had been through Breezy got the OK to gather the slate and so wood was replaced with slate. We do spend a lot of time shifting heavy things from place to place. Once all the slate was in a pile at the barn all we had to do was to move it all again into piles based on size, wire brush it, shift it again onto the roof, arrange it like a 4m x 4m, 4000+ jigsaw puzzle and nail it in place. By the end of the day we were over half way and bushed.



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