We have a slate roof and lights too!!!

After a stormy night with thunder, lightening and strong very gusty winds it did not look promising for slating.

However, after brekky it had stopped raining so we decided to start and if it rained we would move inside and do inside jobs as such, but we were lucky it stayed dry all day and after a really lovely cool morning, it was a scorcher in the afternoon. We had reached over half way with the slates so we were keen to try and finish the slating today.

We got a good system going and by 2.30pm we had finished the whole roof and even if we say it ourselves, it looks FAB!!!!

It's finishedIt's finished 

It is amazing how quickly the smaller slates disappear onto the roof, a bit like a jigsaw puzzle fitting it all together but we are pleased with the finished product. We have decided to use slate as the ridge slates rather than zinc so we located a few long thin ones which we just need to nail in and we are done.

We had lunch inside as it was just too hot and since we were on limited supplies it was jacket potatoes so easier to eat at a table.

The afternoon we decided we would move into the outbuilding to live for the last few days so Al set too with rigging a simple lighting circuit from the solar panel which works yippee we have lights. We moved all the bedding into the smaller building and a table and we were ready for romantic night in our new abode!!!

The rest of the pm we spent tidying up the unused slate, pruning a few trees at the front and having a visit from Serge and Ginette who we rented the apartment from a while back. It was good to see them and show them around.

A well deserved few glasses of rose at the bar and then back to have pasta surprise and scrabble in our new pad and a good nights kip!!!!

I was slightly worried about falling off the mezzanine so Al took the drop side and was still there in the morning so all good. 

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