Cabin Leziou

Blue sky Sunday so decision was made to go for Mont Rouche. Head up to the Cabin Leziou in the afternoon, stay there over night and then go up and descend on Monday. After a bit of a late start chores and getting sorted took us to lunch time.

Clothes all dried and folded, double the solar panels attached to the battery in the outhouse. Another flash of brilliance from Breezy. This morning the battery controller was showing that the battery was down to 38%. That means that it has lost 12% overnight with absolutely nothing connected to it. All very strange, so anyway Breezy had the idea of connecting up the double panels from the main barn to boost it. Maybe it is the controller that is at fault, as it seems as fickle as the weather forecast.

A spot of lunch and we are off up the path by the cascade on the way up. Mont Rouche is litterally directly opposite the barn on the other side of the piste. Well when I say directly; the stream is about 40m down and 100m away and Mont Rouche is about 2000m up and 4km the other side of the stream.

The path is steep virtually all the way. Up through the woods the leaf litter on wet stone made for slippery footing. We did however find a Trumpet du Mort (Horn of Plenty) mushroom so made a note to search more thoroughly on the way down.

  Breezy modelling a mushroomBreezy modelling a mushroom

Out of the woods and the angle of ascent did not ease off at all. 2hrs up and we arrived at the Cabin. Stone walls, grass roof and a little Godin stove inside in a corrie at about 2000m.

Our barnOur barn  View from the cabin The CabinThe Cabin Cabin LeziouCabin Leziou

We enjoyed the last of the suns rays before heating up a sausage and rice stir fry Breezy had prepared back at the barn, a game of cards and a crossword. I managed to get the stove lit which took the chill off the place before we snuggled into our sleeping bags.

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