Mont Rouche

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Woke up this morning in a cold cabin under Mont Rouche. After a couple of cups of tea and a
cereal bar we set off. More steep climbing up grass to start and then up onto boulders and scree.

Summit Mont RoucheSummit Mont Rouche   

The views from the summit were spectacular from Mont Valier and Port Salau on one side right accross to Andorra on the other. A brief look at the maps to fill in gaps in our knowledege of the Pyrenees and off back down the hill.

Lunch back at the cabin and down towards the treeline. Picked some myrtilles for a tart on route and found some trompette du mort (horn of plenty) in the woods. I was delighted as I have wanted to find some for ages. They are now strung up in the outbuilding to dry. After that I slipped on the path down and took a more direct rout down the river with a little less control than before. Breezy was not ammused and a little shaken by my departure from the track. Nothing damaged we resumed our trundle back to the barn.

Solar up to 58% and no visitation from the mouse. Maybe it was mortally wounded on it's encounter with the trap a couple of days ago???

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