Woke up to the sun shining and seeing the snow capped peaks which was great. A quick spot of paperwork for the Marie and then up the hill we go again!

We started a bonfire to start getting rid of the woodpile. 26 degrees of heat and a bonfire going…very hot day! We have decided to shift a stair of slate a day from the lower outhouse up to the top terrace so that hopefully it will not be too much of a chore. 20 minutes of shifting slate compared to a whole day was bliss.

We had just begun to try and prop the ever over hanging roof when Freddy and Daniella from the Auberge Myrtille turned up for a gander. It was really nice to talk to some other folk about our plans while on the property. We then sat and drank wine and beer for an hour or so which was a great way to spend time. If anybody needs a place to stay while in Salau, they have a fab little Auberge and yummy food too.

We propped the roof as best we could with timber and rocks lets hope it holds until the autumn, fingers crossed.

One of our aims this month was to get the building secure so we set about making a door for the annex with the reclaimed wood. A good time for me to get used to using power tools and sawing etc. Al is of course a dab hand and I am sure he could have made the door quicker on his own. Anyway, I enjoyed it and we now have ¾ of a door for the annex, which compliments the style of the other doors, which remain.

I was roasted and so we chucked water on the fire and headed for a beer at the bar. The usual characters were there and the conversation always seemed to be concerning finding the source for us. We are hoping to have located it before we send in our plans.

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