Yet more supplies

An early start. In fact it was still dark when the alarm went off. Very quick instant coffee and fruit before heading down the valley and into St Girons.  1st stop was the builders merchant as we need more 100mm waste pipe.  When we were walking the other week with Sauze & Patrick, Clive came up to the barn and replaced a section of gutter which was broken. Now we can attach a down pipe and divert rainwater at the back away from the back wall.

Laundry next.  A bit of a monster load with 2 sets of bed linen so very dirty went in one machine and not so dirty in another.  Quick jaunt into town to find a couple of birthday cards and some tobacco, a coffee and collect laundry again.

Last port of call was the supermarket for the food stuffs.  Back to the barn to unload.  Forage for brambles and cheese on toast for lunch.

The Muck truck is decidedly ill and has lost power. Exhaust seems smokey and engine could be misfiring.  The manual covers basic “home” maintenance but does not even show where the spark plug is. I assume it has a spark plug. Think I shall have to look on the web.

Afternoon of small jobs as   of a rest.  Drying laundry, getting logs in, stewing rhubarb, plasterboarding the porch and clearing space in what will be the pantry.

Cool shower under the tree and a warm prawn, feta and rocket salad for supper.

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