More wood, more sun, more porch building!

Another glorious day here in paradise. September has just been stunning and has made working so much more enjoyable not having to think about what the weather is going to do.

A session on the old internet and breakfast. We had run out of water so I headed to the village for a quick fill up. Got back and Al had already started on the next clump of trees. We have kept the fire going since we started it with Sauze and Patrick more by luck than anything else.

New logsA new system today, fell the trees tidy up and log at the same time before felling next lot. All went very quickly and I reckon 2 more hours will see the final bit of the log pile full. Hoorah that will be a huge tick!

We had a quick sort out of frames and doors after the fiasco of yesterday trying every door with the frames trying to work out which one fitted and it was bound to be the last door we tried!!!! We also moved loads of wood from the fridge wall so we could hang doors easily and have more space to work.

Lunch on the new terrace, anything we could find in the fridge!!! I had a bit of salad and Al had some salad and a butty.

Afternoon it was back on with the porch building. Always easier the second time around especially since we knew this time which doors went with the frame!!! Managed to get the frame secured, doors hung and the handle on by the end of the day. Looking good.

Al went for a forage, I caught up on loads of Ski Breezy e mails and also in the middle of trying to get the ghetto apartment rented for the winter, never that easy from afar.

It was then drinks and a game on the terrace before wild mushroom omelette for supper. Which was truly scrummy more mushies then eggs….

An early night as we are up early tomorrow for the St Girons shop day and to get something to put in the fridge, supplies are rock bottom.


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