We’re Back!

A long day of travel. Ken kindly dropped us at East Midlands for our flight to Carcassone. Mark and Von who had very kindly looked after Billy for us for 7 weeks collected us at the other end and we landed to hot hot weather…..

After cold drinks and chat with Mark and Von we headed back to the barn with a stop for food supplies on the way and then a stop to say hello to Rene and Anouk.

It was then up to the barn for about 8pm. We had a fabulous surprise of a bottle of bubbles left by Rene and Anouk to welcome us back so we saved that for when it is chilled in the fridge. All looking really good, within the hour it looked like home again, we had a lovely salad for supper before crashing. Lovely to be home.

Categories: Summer 2015, The Project