Tree & Deck

Autumn is definitely now with us. The sun hits the barn at just gone 10am. The leaves are all starting to change colour. Some trees are like orange beacons amongst the green.

After the usual start to the day we kitted up and went round the back to the pine tree. Breezy nursed the fire back to life and I took my turn with the saw up the tree.

By lunch time we are well over half way. Gotta empty the fridge before we head off at the weekend so salads are getting really great. Mixed leaves, cucumber, chives and nasturtium flowers from the garden, smoked salmon, capers, goast cheese, bulgur and tomato. All with some dressing made with the oil from a jar of anchovies and served on the terrace with some bread and mayonaise.


Afternoon chore was decking the front terrace. We bought a bottle of Blanquette de Limoux for when we finished but alas the generator ran out of fuel at 5:30 and we still had another hour and a half to go so it seemed like a good time to quit and take a shower.

Roast chicken with mustard & basil paste slavered over it, marmite roast potatoes and mixed roast veg served with thick n rich gravy resembling molten chocolate.

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