Three Fellas

Sunday is a day of rest everywhere except Breezy & Al’s pad in the Pyrenees.

Abnormal start to the day as we went ‘shrooming first thing; without so much of a sip of coffee. Came back with a handful of ceps to go with the steak for supper. The whole barn seems to reek of ceps drying. Quite a powerful smell, though not unpleasant.

After breakfast it was decided to either copice or start taking down the pine tree out the back of the barn. The pine tree won. It does have a lean towards the building and as Breezy states, if it should fall it will smash our project to smithers and she will not want to “do it all again”. Decision made; the pine is coming down.

Steak and courgettes from the garden on the BBQ plus French beans and cous cous.

Categories: Summer 2013, The Project