Terrace starts to take shape

Over cast skies early on but not too cold. We walked down the piste to have a quick look for bollets before breakfast. Breezy found a tiny one just poking out of the ground so we decided to leave it until the evening to see what progress it had made during the day.

Having got the pathway in on the terrace we set about building a framework for a raised deck area. Made some holes in the outside wall of the barn to accept joists for a frame. Once the frame was complete we mixed some concrete to secure it in the wall. We did have a brief interlude in the morning when the shepherds brought a couple of hundred sheep down the piste from the high pastures.


After lunch we started doing exactly the same for the next level up. Slightly bigger and more difficult due to all the compost we dug out of the main barn a couple of years ago.

The mist rolled up the valley from Salau about 4pm threatening rain so we packed up tools and headed off to find our little bollet. I am sure it is the same size as it was in the morning so maybe they just grow at night. Found another one so took them both to accompany duck for supps.

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