Yorkshire Visitors

Well it’s been 12 years coming but chuffed to bits that Liz (My Mum’s god daughter and my friend from day dot) plus hubby Mike and Mike’s son Harry could squeeze in an action packed few days with us. The weather was just superb and they totally lucked out because as they left the rain began…..

They made good time from Carcassone and caught us at the bar rather than the parking so a cheeky drink there before heading up to the barn for drinks and dinner on the terrace. Simple supper on the terrace of spag bog, garlic bread and salad and choccy mousse and then star gazing.

Al and I had de bunked to the Naughty Corner and the stars from there are amazing as there is no building (that being the barn) in the way which is not quite the same from the front terrace. We do love getting back to our old home and miss it some what.

Harry was keen to walk from the barn on the first day rather than drive anywhere and then have a big mountain day on the second day. So Port de Salau it was no moans and no groans at all, Al and I were impressed. 1000m up for a 12 year old without one grumble, that is a first….The Hulleys dipped in the plunge pool on the way back down before we guzzled lots of cold drinks on the terrace. A very quick shower cleared the air and meant we could have a quick game of rummikiub and then BBQ outside with some yummy cheeses and rhubarb cake to finish with. Al got the fire clubs out and Harry and Mike both had a go. The slack line also got some use. Star gazing again and then bed as early start for mountain day the next day.

We had chosen a route with a bit of everything and we hope it ticked all the boxes, a drive up to beyond Guzet to get as much altitude as possible with wheels as it was so hot, small col to climb first then boulder hopping, dip in a chilly but gorgeous lake, Etang D’Aube then Harry led the way following red dots and cairns on the steep scramble to a summit Pic de Seron at about 2500m, for lunch with fab views and then it was back down for another dip in another lake BLISS in the heat and then a little bit of via ferrata to finish with before flopping into Billy! Harry was a total star I think he is going to be a mountain man. He definitely won gold medal for war wounds and path finding!!!

Back to the barn, drinks on the helipad, roast chickens for supper and a relatively early night I think we were all a bit weather beaten!

Woke to mizzle the next day so brekky was inside before they all trundled off to the coast for a few days of R&R. Their timing was perfecto.

Totally fab to have all the Hulley’s to stay and hope you enjoyed your “off grid” experience.

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