Home Improvements

The scorching weather is lovely but slightly too hot to get anything big or heavy done outside. So small indoor projects have been ticked off. The biggest of which has been to freshen up the stairs. Having salvaged the staircase from a mate’s house in Chamonix; dismantled and cut the stringers in half so it all fitted in the van, transported to the Ariege and then renovated the barn around the pile of bits for 3 years, once reassembled they happen to fit in place with about 3mm tolerance. Since then they have been in dialy use but received no TLC at all. So they got a paint job.

Other smaller jobs have been renovating and rewiring a funky salvaged table lamp, making 2 new bookshelves for cookery books, converting a light fitting based on a cart wheel as a candle chandelier and made some more bird boxes. Also started a cork board, though we are lacking corks so if anyone has a stash they can spare that would be ace.

Categories: Summer 2018