Port de Salau

Another glorious sunny start to the day. Healthy breakfast on the terrace loads of fruits and yoghurts before heading off up to Port de Salau and a picnic lunch.

It is a good walk up of 1000m but nothing too steep. Al and I were quite interested to see how much snow was about further up for other explore options in the area.  Managed to find a cepe on the way up always a bonus! The first big change is the cabane half way up has been crushed by an avalanche over the winter leaving the shepherd to live in a potacabin style hut this summer, which must have been put there by helicopter. We crossed a few snowy avalanche paths but the rest of the way up was pretty easy going. Good views and Mt Rouch still has too much snow on it for an ascent with Ken.

Port de Salau 14 Port de Salau 12 Port de Salau 11 Port de Salau 09 Port de Salau 07 Port de Salau 05 Port de Salau 03 Port de Salau 01

We had lunch at the col looking into Spain also snowy than we have ever seen it before. There was  a cool wind blowing so only stopped for 30 mins before heading back down. Cold drinks on the terrace once we got back, hot showers and a siesta for Ken before we start on a BBQ for tonight. Hoping the thunderstorms hold off so we can eat outside would be good, we will see. Marinaded lamb in rosemary, garlic and olive oil is on the menu. It was so good when we did it for Dad we thought Ken would appreciate it too, BBQ ed sweet  potatoes and round courgettes going on the BBQ too and salad from the garden and then BBQ pineapple with rum and lime.

Al and I meanwhile attacking e mails and other bits and pieces for Ski Breezy.

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