Lunch out

Wall to wall sunshine again. Last night however was a different story. During the evening the clouds built up and thunder and lightning started. And although it did not actually rain with us at the barn; the river suddenly went brown and swelled to such an extent that I have never seen before. The waterfall opposite was still the normal clear colour and normal dimensions but the falls just up from us were thundering and the colour of mud. Quite impressive.Swollen Salat

Today Iain has decided to take Breezy and I out to lunch as a thank you. We have selected the Haut Salat in Seix. Everyone we know who has been there has raved about it both in terms of quality and economy. We were not disappointed.

Beautiful food and some nice wines. Thank you Iain!

Back at the barn we had a sedentary afternoon which included a siesta.

The thunder and lightning started again in the evening but this time it poured. Putting about 900 litres into the rainwater capture. A light supper of pate and cheese and some cards.

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