Before upcycling

So we are back at the barn after an amazing trip to Madagascar. There has been rain here virtually non stop since we left. I think the courgette and cucumber plants drowned and the grass around the buildings is knee high. We are now in possession of two petrol strimmers (courtesy of Iain and thanks to Charlie for arranging delivery) and it has taken both of us strimming for over an hour each morning for a week to get the place under control. Fortunately we have been lucky with the weather as it has not yet rained since our return.

There is still plenty of snow in the mountains and the waterfalls are fierce; across the valley the snow from winter avalanches is still several metres deep.

The garden is otherwise healthy and it looks like we shall have loads of fruit for jam making. We have roses and lupins in flower and phlox and day lillies not far behind. Plus we have a couple of great tits nesting in a bird box at the gable end.

It has been nice mixing up chores with bits of painting furniture, gardening and some creative work too.

Categories: Summer 2018, The Project